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this blog is currently without a function! I'll give it a new one eventually, maybe an rP blog

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I hate to do this blog shuffle around..but since I decided that @fifidraws will be my art blog so I can use the CM. And thus, @glamfelix would be my main/personal since it has the most followers and I can continue to reblog art idea what I will use this blog for. maybe could repurpose it into an RP blog? but I already HAVE one of those....

I also have my mettaton/undertale fanblog.

What else can I make a blog about? help

what is waterfall missing? reference blogs? more fandom blogs? I could make one for another fandom though idk what else I'm super into just now

oof its gloomy felix hours

i might play some good old fashioned minecwaft though

So I got into Critical Role, finally, and I have a LOT to catch up on. But.....heres hoping I have the energy for fanart soon. Especially for Percy, since Im still just on their first campaign.

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I fucking love the singing in the background of this one

The Witcher's soundtrack slaps

im gonna try to use this more to talk about fandom shit cause we need more fandoms here!!

thellere -

To clarify I'm not specifically targeting anyone when I say "you need to actually tell us", but it is true - I'm not constantly refreshing WF to see if it's up, I'm doing code stuff. If you refresh twice and it's down, or is taking a ridiculously long time to load a page, we legitimately need you to let us know WHILE it's doing it so we can see what processes are/aren't running and check logs, because it only holds onto them for a few hours.

Finding out on Twitter five hours later doesn't cut it. And yes, I know the site crashing is annoying, but it's worse for us than it is for you because I'm staking literally my entire future on this and whenever there's a crash, I risk losing even more money. I REALLY need to know as soon as it happens. But at the same time, do remember that we're operating at a heavy loss right now so yes, there will, occasionally, be a problem or two because we don't have the dedicated support team or globe-spanning infrastructure Tumblr and Twitter do. It'd be GREAT if we did, but we don't. I hate to say it, but you sort of need to temper your expectations a little bit and realise that until the site is at least paying for itself, there might be an occasional 15 minute downtime or something.

my most recent production got nominated for some regional awards, including outstanding musical. I wasn't nominated, per se, because stage managers don't have their own category--but my name was on the list as they credit the manager and overall I am just...glowing. I'm so proud of that show even if it was almost a year ago. and proud of the team and...honestly, myself. It was a huge challenge for me, the biggest show I'd ever run, and to have gotten and continue to get validation for my work on it has been such a huge confidence booster.

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An Anonymous user asked:

i read star-rice's reply to your thing and they actually made a good point - why DID you put the patreon on hold? :o

thellere -

We made our money on the Kickstarter and since we said premium stuff is coming soon, it just didn't... feel? Right? To keep those up as well. We said we needed [x] amount and we got OVER [x] amount, even if only by a little, so it just personally felt a little shady to keep it running.

There has been more than one person suggesting we bring back the option to donate, even in addition to the premium stuff, and I'd be lying if I said I havn't considered it (everyone on staff is broke af and converted to american rubles, I have like 5 figures of credit card debt lmao) but overall it just sort of felt... not right to have it, I guess. Kinda like we were double dipping.

star-rice -

I'm absolutely cackling. On no other website can I complain vaguely in the direction of a dev that they won't allow me to give them money, then be mentioned by name in an ask and have a response from the dev in less than 15 minutes.

But also, you walnut, there's no content on the Patreon! We're not being disillusioned into thinking we're gonna get something out of it. If anything, if there was a way for me to send ya'll the money directly I would (patreons cool, but fuck em, the money isn't in any part intended for them). If I remember correctly, it only existed because people begged for it in the first place! Let us pay you! You're not swindling us. We're actively wanting this. Put a disclaimer on it. Screen shot every message you've ever gotten asking for it and make a master post on the patreon so these fictional people you think are going to mistakenly give money expecting anything special don't get "scammed".

We actively want this Thell. Let us support y'all. There is no expectation attatched to my money. Just take it.

Finally got Windows 10....i had to bite the bullet lol

now to get everything set up

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fearlesseffusivefullofgrace -

I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

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mage-of-time -

me, staring at the UI of this site and other social medias to try and work out why people don't like ours

thellere -

I commented with "god bless" but I'm in annoyed developer mode now while I wait for our storage server to spin down so I can yank the dead drive

It boils down to "folks are spoiled". Look at Tumblr and Twitter and what have you. They're pretty, but work shit. Like I said on staff the other day, those sites have successfully shifted the mindset to a site needs to look good to be worth using. Hell, that Other:tm: site we were talking to - the staff wrote us off because we looked plain. You used that site briefly so you know how badly the site worked because they put too much effort into looking good.

The problem is folks EXPECT a site to run like ass now but look good. So when a site lets you do stuff but is just to-the-point with how it looks, it doesn't "feel" right so they can't use it. Like in the Discord, we've had folks say "once I found it it seemed really obvious it'd be there" to where the settings on here are and stuff - because we've built it logically rather than all Modern React/Vue UIs and shit, but because EVERYWHERE ON THE INTERNET does that shit, Waterfall feels too foreign in comparison because we're not fucking around with it.

And when stuff feels like too much of a change, you're put off using it, even if it's better.

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Help needed, reblogs appreciated!

rainbowridley-deactivated-2020FebWed-200212060210-342 -

Hey guys! Super sorry to have to post this, but I have to reach out for help.



I am currently unemployed and searching for work. I’ve gone to multiple job interviews and haven’t heard back from them- I’m not having much luck. I am currently taking a break from commissions due to burnout and for the sake of my health, and I am trying to find employment ASAP to move out of my family’s home. It is not great living here, for several reasons I won’t get into.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses in December and January: gas for job interviews, groceries, bills due at the beginning/middle of the month, & two hospital visits for my husband (once in December and once in early January).

Total amount needed is $255 (bills + $100 rent), but I am asking for $300 to have $50 as a buffer. I have a goal on my kofi:

If you’d like to help me stay afloat until I find work, please consider donating. Anything helps! I’ve gone to job interviews and have yet to hear back.

NikkieTutorials should never have had to come out until SHE was ready

trans people are not lying by not being out

and it's really saddening that this happened but she did everything she could to be positive and make this on her own terms. It's weird to both feel angry that this had to happen but grateful to know that someone I looked up to is trans. I just wish she had had the freedom to do this whenever she was ready--if at all.

Seeing a lot of stuff online about the eruption/ashfall of Taal, please stay safe everyone in the affected area!!

Hey folks! I'm Felix. I have an art blog [[@glamfelix, but right now I'm just looking for some folks to follow! I'm gonna tag a buncha my interests below, but here's a teeny quick about me!

I'm 22; transmasc nb; he/him or they/them. I'm involved in theater, I draw ofc, and I roleplay! If you ever are bored and want to ramble about your interests or show someone something new in the way of shows, books, movies, music, games you like--hit me up! I love hearing about stuff from the folks that love them.

god this is the first time ive tried a new platform and haven't been consistently frustrated with...everything. I like this